Warmly celebrate the successful revision of the website of Zhejiang Changsun Industry Co., Ltd.

Time:2019-05-28 01:23:45

  Through the active efforts of all departments and colleagues of the company, the official website of Zhejiang Changsun Industrial Co., Ltd and the page at Alibaba TrusatPass have been successfully upgraded and revised in recent days, for better promoting the company's products, enhancing the company image and strengthening propaganda. The content of the website is more abundant and the layout is more concise, which will help the company to create more favorable conditions for development and operations.

  In order to improve the company’s image and awareness, facilitate product promotion, and provide high-quality services for clients, the official website has big changes in column setting, function designing, service contents, and the display methods. The company always advocates the business philosophy of “Quality as the Foundation, Service as the Guarantee, Innovation and Development, Benefits Sharing”. With the enterprise sprit of “Never Satisfied, Keep Compassing” and full of enthusiasm, the company will provide better service for domestic and international customers.

  The successful revision of our company's website meansthat our company has higher requirements in digital marketing and does reach a higher level, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

  There are still many shortcomings in the new website, but we are working hard to improve it. We wish you could comment and give us your valuable suggestions through email.

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