Children love to play fitness equipment

Time:2019-05-28 01:19:52

Yesterday, Mr. Duan, who lives in Jiaheyuan, Qianshan Road, reported a problem to this newspaper: the design of fitness equipment in most communities is for adults, and for those who are active and playful, these fitness equipment are somewhat unsafe. It is.

Mr. Duan said that after returning from kindergarten, his son likes to play on the fitness equipment downstairs. Recently, he ran to the spacewalker. Because of the large swing, he fell from the top and fell a pigeon-sized swollen bag on his head.

Mr. Duan said that there are many fitness equipments in large residential areas, and many children like to play on them. However, these devices are mainly set up for the size of adults, and children are very unsafe to use. It is necessary to set up some small-sized, protected facilities and fitness equipment for children in the community.

The reporter visited a number of large-scale residential areas in the urban area and found that the horizontal equipment, horizontal bars, spacewalkers and other fitness equipment in the community are designed according to the size of the adult, but a considerable part of the users are minors. The reporter saw in Yuexi New Village that a five- or six-year-old child was standing on a walker that was almost as tall as him, because the foot pedal of the walker was very large relative to the child's feet, although the child held the railing, but the child held the railing, but Obviously some stations are unstable. The mother standing next to her while holding the child, told reporters that there is no green park nearby, this square has become the only play area for the children in the community, but these fitness equipment is really too big for the children.

Soi cầu xổ số miền bắcIs there any fitness equipment specially set up for children in Hefei City? A staff member of the People’s Sports Department of Hefei Sports Bureau, who asked not to be named, said that according to their knowledge, although there were children’s paradise in a few communities in Hefei Children's play facilities, but now most of the fitness equipment in the community is only built for adults. When children use these fitness equipment, they need to be taken care of by adults. This is also mentioned on the instructions for use of fitness equipment. For the next step, we will build a group of children's fitness equipment in the community and public places. The staff said that there is no plan for this in the moment.

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